Pines Terrace Residence

Snowmass Village, CO

Situated on a steep challenging slope, this ski in/ski out family house folds organically along the natural contours of the slope hiding the true scale of the structure. Stretched along the slope, this arrangement also maximizes the views downslope out across the Snowmass Valley. The material palette consists of natural tones (thermally-modified wood siding and dry-stacked stone) creating a sense of connection to the landscape. The stone walls help to ground the structure and serve as organizational elements within the plan.

The most striking feature of the house is the series of wood fin panels which act to unify the design while serving a range of uses. On the exterior, the fins add texture to the siding and extend up to form the upper terrace railings. At the entry, the fins obscure the terrace from visitors until they are carried through the threshold and into the house. In the Living area and Master, these elements help to shield afternoon light both as vertical louvers as well as a modern trellis canopy.

Photography by Dallas & Harris



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