Erik Hendrix



Erik is a project Architect for KA DesignWorks, joining the team in 2016. He initially graduated Tufts University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Continuing his education, Erik later completed his Masters in Architecture at the University of Colorado Denver. His initial interest in Architecture stemmed from early work as a carpenter where he appreciated the art of building and the building process. He has always loved sketching and drawing for its ability to communicate ideas and he continues this work daily in the office.

His passion for Architecture emanates from the organic process of understanding a site and working with its constraints and potentials, then integrating the clients needs and desires into the site in the simplest and most effective form. Power in design comes from the combination of knowledge of all aspects of the project into coherent gestures.  Layered over this process is the desire for minimal environmental disturbance and energy usage. Erik has a natural  and methodical thought process which he is able to communicate to others, helping them envision a space. He has a respect for the design process which is an essential characteristic for KA DesignWorks and the team. 

Erik has lived in Colorado since 1994 and spent the past 15 years with his wife Melissa and their two boys, Henry, 10, and Nico, 5. He loves traveling and experiencing new outdoor adventures, such as surfing in Mexico with his family. In Colorado, Erik bikes weekly but also enjoys seasonal sports such as skiing.

Carrie Miller



Carrie grew up in Tampa, Florida where she completed her primary education. Her initial interest in architecture and design stemmed from her love of the computer game 'Sims'. This was the start of her passion for rearranging space, home renovations, and updating design. Carrie expanded her skills, acquiring her Associates of Science degree in drafting and design. Upon completion of her A.S. degree, she went on to graduate from Florida A & M with a Bachelor of Architecture, in 2013. 

Carrie has been an important member of  the KA DesignWorks team, kicking off the Basalt, CO office in the summer of 2013. She is not only the office and project manager but also contributes to just about everything around the office. Currently spear-heading the Interior Design Department here at KA DesignWorks, Carrie is laying the foundation for the firm's future work on interiors. She loves all renovations, especially the  designing of kitchens and bathrooms. Carrie looks forward to expanding her knowledge of interior design and plans to earn her certification in the coming years. 

Outside the office, Carrie enjoys the outdoors and relaxing. Although most would consider her an 'old soul', happy to relax by reading a good book, she also enjoys spending time with neighbors, friends and family. She takes full advantage of Colorado's outdoors - biking, hiking, and camping on the weekends. She loves all the seasons of Colorado, but especially Autumn in Aspen when all the trees change color. Carrie is an energetic and hardworking individual who contributes tremendously to KA DesignWorks's team.

Caet Fox



Caet moved to Aspen from Fargo, North Dakota in 2015. [Oh ya, you betcha!] Born in Berlin, Germany, she grew up traveling the world with her military family - her passion for architecture inspired when visiting new places. Landing in the Midwest for university, Caet earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from North Dakota State University in 2014 and her Master of Architecture in 2015 after studies at NDSU and the Université catholique de Louvain in Brussels. Passionate about the mountains, the move to Colorado was a natural fit.

Caet joined the KA DesignWorks team in March 2017 as a project manager. Soon after, she began spear-heading the firm's marketing strategies, focusing in social media management. Caet is a huge team player, always willing to help others in the office. She not only has a clear vision for architectural modeling and detailing, but is also a diligent and fast worker. Caet is an energetic and positive person, adding a breath of fresh air to the office atmosphere.

Caet's zest for life is truly unwavering. Outside the office, you can find her rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, paddleboarding, frolfing,  and fly fishing. She also enjoys intramural volleyball, curling and kickball.

Andrew Chaloupka



Andrew has lived in Colorado since 2015 and is KA DesignWorks's technology manager and VR (virtual reality) fabricator. He graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and has always been interested in the animated aspects of architecture. 

Andrew admits to loving a stylish, clean, and complete end result. He is KA DesignWorks's personal technology specialist, helping our team daily to produce the best work possible for our clients. Andrew is responsible for creating a final product the team can show to clients in order for them to better visualize their future home. He hopes to remain on the cutting-edge of technological architecture in the valley. 

At home, Andrew enjoys not only relaxing, but also spending his time outside hiking and kayaking. He has two cats named John and Luna, provoking other team members to tape cat memes to his work station periodically.







Dickory is the team's favorite office dog. He is a toy rat terrier, born in Georgia in 2004. Dickory enjoys extremely short walks, riding in Carrie's bike basket, and sunbathing with his 'doggles'. His is an avid napper and many would consider it to be his favorite hobby at the office. However, the team must be extra vigilant to not step on his blanket-clad form when he is napping. Dickory appreciates when people remember he exists to feed him treats. He is the team's main source of comic relief and morale boost, remaining an integral apart of the KA DesignWorks's team.